About Me

Here’s what I know about me. Here’s what you might like to know about me, too.

I’m a communicator and marketer by trade. I’m a powerlifter, rock climber, and mountain biker.

I have depression and anxiety. I sustained a concussion two years ago that messed with some stuff in my head and impacted my ability to focus, increased my anxiety, and caused a whole host of other issues.

I’m easily distracted. I get hyper-focused on things about which I’m passionate. Everything else is boring. I’ve always been a “destination” person, not a “journey” person.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still somewhat of a skeptic about the impacts of mindfulness and meditation on mental health—although the deeper I get into writing this blog, the more I realize there’s a lot of value to be found there.

(Does getting up at 5am and doing yoga for an hour REALLY beat sleeping in? And how can a person just sit and do nothing for 20 minutes? How can you enjoy the journey when the destination looks that much better?)

It all feels so slow and boring and HARD. But I’m giving myself the chance to explore these things. To figure out how to apply theses techniques to my own life, and to see if I can learn to slow down, smell the roses, and all that nice stuff. I may use humour, sarcasm and swear words to express my blunt feelings about this journey of mine, but there’s also an element of seriousness behind it all.

I’ve recognized that I can’t live my life going 100mph at all times.

While I used to think I could thrive off of adrenaline and stress and overstimulation all the time, I’ve realized that the end result of that style of living is inevitably a crash and burn. And that’s not very much fun.

I write to sort out the chaos that is my brain on a daily basis. This blog is the product of that chaos, (edited for clarity, of course).

Disclaimer: This blog is not a source of medical or psychological advice. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges, consult your doctor or counsellor.